Isotope Labels

Isotope labeling is particularly interesting for quantitative mass spectrometry or the method of isotope-coded affinity tags (ICAT). Isotope labeling adds a unique feature to your peptide, which distinguishes it from the unlabeled variant without changing the chemical properties. It becomes more effective with higher mass differences (5-8 Da).

For many purposes, an inexpensive labeling with deuterated amino acids will be sufficient, e.g. d8-Val or d10-Leu.

Circumventing possible peak separation of labeled and unlabeled peptides during HPLC, the use of 13C or 15N labeled amino acids avoids such problems and results in increased accuracy.

BIOSYNTAN offers peptides with a broad spectrum of isotope labeled amino acids, which can be incorporated at any desired position. BIOSYNTAN supports you with the selection of building blocks appropriate for your application.