Immunogenic Peptides

We synthesize components for epitope mapping and immunization: 

  • Prediction and selection of epitopes
  • Peptide conjugates (KLH, BSA, etc.)
  • Multiple antigenic peptides (MAPs)
  • Screening peptides

Peptides for Screening Purposes and Epitope Mapping

For the B- and T-cell epitope mapping, but also for other scientific questions, a lot of peptides are needed only in minor amounts and with a guaranteed purity of at least 50%.

In the standard variant, the peptides are synthesized as C-terminal amides. You can choose to have an N-terminal modification (e.g. acetyl or biotin) as well.

For the incorporation of unusual residues we can give you an individual quotation.

All sequences are monitored and characterized by HPLC and mass spectrometry.

Our offer for screening peptides

Minimum amount:  10 peptides

Chain length:  6-15 amino acids

Amount:  1-2 mg

Purity:  > 50%

HPLC-analysis + MS-control of all peptides