The extraordinary strong interaction of biotin and avidin/streptavidin is used for plenty of different applications in biochemistry. Biotin derivatization of peptides generates a very useful tool for immobilization in ELISA-assays, detection by specific antibodies, or affinity purification of peptides. BIOSYNTAN offers three different types of biotin labeling.

In case of functional assays, a spacer between biotin and peptide is recommended to ensure recognition of the entire peptide sequence upon binding to avidin/streptavidin.[1] Biosyntan offers hydrophobic as well as hydrophilic spacer options. Usually, amino hexanoic acid (Ahx) or PEG-spacers of various lengths are used.

Analogous to biotinylated peptides, BIOSYNTAN offers the desthiobiotin variants which show a lower affinity to streptavidin.


[1]   H. Andresen et al., Proteomics 2006, 6, 1376–1384.