Peptide Research

Beyond custom synthesis, BIOSYNTAN was and is currently involved in several research projects. If you are looking for a project partner in the field of peptide chemistry, BIOSYNTAN is very open for future cooperations. Please contact us via phone or email to share your ideas with us.

Scientific Projects with Participation of BIOSYNTAN:

- New Methods for the Production of Phosphopeptides (2000-2002)

- Design and Synthesis of Small Antimicrobial Peptides (2006-2009)

- SeroPep - Development of Peptide Based Immuno Assays for Biomarker Detection   (2012-2014)

- FlowPep - Multiplex Technology for Antibody Analytics by Flow Cytometry (FACS) - Based on Peptides Coupled to Fluorescent Beads  (2014-2016)