C-terminal Derivatization

Our C-terminal derivatization portfolio includes

C-terminal peptide hydrazides can easily be turned into azides, which can subsequently be used in ligation reactions.

Peptide hydroxamates are suitable tools for ligation reactions with aldehydes. 

Alkyl amides at the C-terminus of a peptide block or slow enzymatic digestion.

Cysteamine can be used as linker in order to couple the peptide to maleimides or to form disulfide bonds.

Analogues to cysteamines, the EDA linker can be applied in order to couple the peptide to carboxylic acid groups.

PEG-Labels are often used as spacers or to increase the solubility of the peptide. For more information about PEG labels, please click here.

For more information about thioesters and NCL, please click here.